Research List

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A Little Writing Goes a Long Way: Using Microwriting to Improve Student Engagement and Performance Gullickson Spanish & portuguese Assignment design, Diversity, Writing, Writing assessments, Writing assignments
Achieving Success in Advancing Student Writing in the Humanities—Sheyda Jahanbani (2010) Jahanbani History Cognitive apprenticeship, Group work, Peer review, Scaffolding, Writing assignments
Active-Learning in the Music Education and Music Therapy Classroom—Abbey Dvorak (2014) Dvorak Music education & therapy Active learning, Group work, Hands-on learning, Student engagement, Use of class time
Applying Ethical Approaches to Evidence Based Psychotherapy— Jennifer Lundgren, UMKC (2008) Lundgren Psychology Ethics education, Graduate students
Assessing Cultural Competency and Core Goal 4.2 in an Interdisciplinary Course on Culture and Health—Kathryn Rhine (2019) Rhine Anthropology Assessment, Course goals, Grading criteria
Assessing Learning Outcomes for a Course Sequence Lancaster English Assessment, Department analysis, Learning outcomes, Rubrics, Undergraduate students
Becoming Better Storytellers: The Use of Writing Workshops in an Introductory Journalism Course — Katie Fischer Clune, Rockhurst University (2017) Greenhoot Psychology Labs, Learning outcomes, Reading skills, Research skills, Student development, Use of class time
Blending Codes: Ethics Education and the Energy Code—Julia Keen, KSU (2007) Keen Civil, environmental & architectural engineering Ethics education, Graduate students, Writing assignments
Blending Service-Learning with Preparing Secondary School English Teachers—Heidi Hallman (2009) Hallman Curriculum & teaching Literacy, Reflective writing, Service learning
Closing the Loop: Identifying Program Goals, Assessing Learning Outcomes, and Re-Examining Practices—KU Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders (2008) Department of speech language and hearing Speech-language-hearing Curriculum development, Department analysis, Graduate students, Rubrics
Connecting Historical Issues to Contemporary Problems with Service-Learning Warren Women, gender and sexuality studies Assignment design, Diversity, Service learning
Connecting Research and Design in a Graduate Course Silva Architecture Active learning, Graduate students, Problem-based learning, Research methods, Rubrics, Scaffolding
Creating a Virtual Museum of African Art Salami African & african american studies Assessment design, Graduate students, Group work, Rubrics, Scaffolding, Student engagement, Technology, Undergraduate students, Writing assignments
Creating Teachable Moments in a Research Methods Class—Paul Atchley (2008) Greenhoot Psychology Discussions, Large course sections, Research methods, Student engagement
Developing Intercultural Competence and Critical Thinking in Intermediate French Choplin French Course design, Course goals
Developing Students’ Diagnostic Abilities in a Hearing Disorders Course—Tiffany Johnson (2008) Johnson Speech-language-hearing Assignment design, Course design, Graduate students, Problem-based learning, Rubrics
Digital Gender Story Project: Teaching Gender in the Digital Age Saraswati Women, gender and sexuality studies Critical thinking, Scaffolding, Small course sections, Student presentations, Technology, Writing assignments
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Compassion: In a Quantative Methods Class Lyles Urban planning Assignment design, Course design, Diversity, Inclusive teaching
Drawing Parallels between Aesthetic Experience and Life Experience—Danny Anderson (2006) Greenhoot Psychology Discussions, Films, Guest speakers, Reading assignments, Service learning, Student presentations, Undergraduate students
Encouraging Students’ Analytical Abilities in a Large Literature Survey Schieberle English Assignment design, Labs, Undergraduate students, Universal design, Writing, Writing assignments