Portfolios with Keyword Scaffolding

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Achieving Success in Advancing Student Writing in the Humanities—Sheyda Jahanbani (2010) Jahanbani History Scaffolding
Connecting Research and Design in a Graduate Course Silva Architecture Scaffolding
Creating a Virtual Museum of African Art Salami African & african american studies Scaffolding
Digital Gender Story Project: Teaching Gender in the Digital Age Saraswati Women, gender and sexuality studies Scaffolding
Enhancing Student Learning in Introduction to Sport Management—Angela Lumpkin (2011) Lumpkin Health, sport & exercise sciences Scaffolding
Establishing Disciplinary Foundations with Discussion, Lecture, and Writing—Daniel Hirmas (2011) Hirmas Geography Scaffolding
Improving Integration of Capstone Literature in Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport—Jordan Bass (2014) Greenhoot Psychology Scaffolding
Improving Student Learning through Continuous Assessments in a Statistics Course—Pascal Deboeck (2011) Deboeck Psychology Scaffolding
Incorporating Writing into an Engineering Course—Rémy Lequesne (2014) Lequesne Civil, environmental & architectural engineering Scaffolding
Measuring Group Work in a Fabrication Setting—Bruce Johnson (2012) Johnson Architecture Scaffolding
Promoting Critical Thinking and Analysis in a Graduate-Level Course—Meagan Patterson (2012) Patterson Educational psychology Scaffolding
Scaffolding Public Relations Projects in an Undergraduate Journalism Course—Crystal Y. Lumpkins (2009) Lumpkins Journalism Scaffolding
Scaffolding the Kansas Landscape in Environmental Studies—Ali Brox (2018) Greenhoot Psychology Scaffolding
Shaping Graduate Students’ Methodologies and Professional Values through Dialogue, Writing, and Group Projects—Chad Kraus (2011) Kraus Architecture Scaffolding
Social Media as a Vehicle for Connecting Theory and Practice Seo Journalism Scaffolding
Taking Photos v. Making Photos: Teaching Photography with Overview—Bryon Darby (2014) Greenhoot Psychology Scaffolding
Taking the Long View: The Benefits of Iterative Course Design—Susan Marshall (2019) Marshall Psychology Scaffolding
Understanding Perspectives in a Native American History Course Schwaller History Scaffolding
Using Collaborative Tools to Deepen Understanding of Research Methods—Mugur Geana (2010) Geana Journalism Scaffolding
Using Inquiry in the American Literature I Survey—Sonya Lancaster (2008) Lancaster English Scaffolding