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In a focus group before the pandemic, I heard some heart-wrenching stories from students. One was from a young, Black woman who felt isolated and lonely. She mostly blamed herself, but the problems went far beyond her. At one point, she said: “There’s some small classes that I’m in and like, some…

Peter Felten issued a clear call to action at this year’s Teaching Summit: Connect with students and help them connect with one another. Felten, executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning and assistant provost for Teaching and Learning at Elon University, delivered the keynote address…

Word cloud that illustrates teaching summit attendees answer to the question,  What do you do to build relationships with and among students?

Peter Felten’s keynote message about building relationships through teaching found a receptive audience at this year’s Teaching Summit. Felten, a professor of history and assistant provost for teaching and learning at Elon University, shared the stories of students who had made important connections with instructors and fellow students while at college. He used those stories to talk about the importance of humanity in teaching and about the vital role that community and connection make in students’ lives. As part of his talk, Felten encouraged attendees to share examples of how they…

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Annual report for academic year 22-23

2 CDI participants discuss course changes illustrated on a poster taped to the wall.

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