Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

Faculty Ambassadors: 2019-2020

Each department/division chair at KU has been invited to identify a liaison, called an Ambassador, to the Center. These individuals are chosen because they are seen as strong advocates for the University’s teaching mission and, equally important, because they are respected by their colleagues for their teaching. Ambassadors connect CTE to faculty within each department. They help CTE fulfill its mission in several ways, by:

  • Guiding the Center in the development of its programs. Ambassadors tell CTE what’s going on in departments. They serve as a sounding board for ideas, and they reflect the needs and interests of their colleagues.
  • Communicating information about CTE to department faculty. Both formally and informally, Ambassadors let their colleagues know what’s going on at CTE. They share updates with them, and they encourage them to participate in CTE workshops and discussion forums.
  • Advocating the University’s teaching mission within their departments. Ambassadors do this is various ways, such as by mentoring new faculty, emphasizing the importance of teaching at key points (during faculty searches, for example), and occasionally facilitating CTE sessions at the New GTA Conference, KU Summit, or Lunch & Conversation. In addition, Ambassadors are often the first point of contact for cross-disciplinary work among the faculty and are a source of information about their departments for activities such as these.


Department Ambassador
Aerospace Engineering Kaplinger, Brian
African & African-American Studies Yeku, James
American Studies Kim, Joo Ok
Applied English Center Clark, Emily
Architecture L'Heureux, Marie-Alice
Business/AIO Patton, Tom
Business/MEL Pyone, Jin
CEA Engineering Lines, Brian
Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Li, Xiaoli (Laura)
Chemistry/Molecular Biosciences Kuczera, Krzysztof
CODL Diede, Laura
Communication Studies Oliha-Donaldson, Hannah
Curriculum & Teaching Song, Kwangok
Design Cook, Matthew
Ecology & Evol. Biology Sikes, Ben
Economics Earnhart, Dietrich
Ed. Leadership & Policy Studies Rice, Suzanne
Educational Psychology Ghosh, Arpita
Edwards Campus Wolfe, Ben
Electrical Eng. & Computer Science Prescott, Glenn
English Drake, Phil
Geography Pu, Bing
Geology Zhang, Chi
History Schwaller, Rachel
Hisory of Art Stiller, Maya
Humanities & Western Civilization Urie, Dale
Journalism & Mass Communications Chen, Yvonnes
KU Libraries Becker, Jill
Law Yuille, Lua
Linguistics Coughlin, Kate, Duncan, Phil
Mathematics Talata, Zsolt
Mechanical Engineering TenPas, Peter
Medicinal Chemistry Sathyamoorthi, Shyam, Wang, Jingxin
Music Dvorak, Abbey
Philosophy Raibley, Jason
Physics & Astronomy Peelaers, Hartwin
Political Science Kennedy, John
Psychology McCartney, Marsha
Public Affairs & Administration & Urban Planning Mendez, Joel
School of Languages, Cultures & Lit Gullickson, Sean
Social Welfare Jen, Sarah
Sociology Wright, Lisa-Marie
Special Education Cheatham, Greg
Speech-Language-Hearing Rong, Panying
Spencer Museum of Art Staughn, Celka
Visual Art Jordan, Mary Anne

CTE turns 25

The Center for Teaching Excellence is celebrating its 25th birthday this academic year. Watch for special events and workshops.