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CTE strives to foster an intellectual community of instructors dedicated to improving their teaching practices and increasing student learning.

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Portfolios and posters created by faculty members. Topics include scaffolding, DEI, active learning, curriculum development, collaborative activities, and learning communities.

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Exploring the reasoning and the potential of ChatGPT

Since its release late last year, ChatGPT has reverberated through the academic mind like an orchestral crescendo in a Strauss symphonic movement. It has amazing abilities, and even greater potential.

Using annual review to highlight the intellectual work of teaching

An annual evaluation is a great time for instructors to document the substantial intellectual work of teaching and for evaluators to put that work front and center of the review process.

The bots are here to stay. Do we deny or do we adapt?

Nearly a decade ago, the Associated Press began distributing articles written by an artificial intelligence platform.

Creative freedom in new course yields unexpected student engagement

When Kevin Mullinix, an associate professor and undergraduate director in Political Science, decided to change things up for a new course in the Fall of 2022, he had no idea how powerful it could be to give students creative freedom to express course concepts.

Our Five-Year Impact

received in grants from foundations and federal agencies to fund teaching enhancement initiatives
in grant, state, and endowment funds awarded to KU faculty and departments
reduction in DFW rates in courses transformed with active and collaborative learning