Student Support at KU

At CTE, we understand that often you will need to offer support and assistance to students in ways that are not strictly pedagogical. This support can take many forms, including helping students obtain groceries, legal services, medical and mental health services, and financial assistance for emergencies.

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KU resources that support students

The lists below will direct you to resources on and off campus that might be useful as you encounter students who need support and assistance with and beyond academics. Recognizing ourselves and our students as  ‘whole’ individuals with needs and values beyond those that appear in the classroom helps us build a community of committed and connected learners. These resources include counseling & mental health services, career planning, campus safety, support for international, LGBTQIA+ students, and students of color, and financial assistance.

Please visit the following links for information on official KU Polices on Campus Carry, the University Senate Rules and Regulations, and other KU Policies and Resources.