Faculty gather in Bricker Auditorium for the 2022 Teaching Summit

Programs and Initiatives

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers several programs that support instructors who want to pursue course transformation, incorporate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and become involved in an intellectual community of instructors.

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Campus Programs

We have resources for both new and experienced GTAs at KU. Many of these programs and projects contain opportunities for faculty funding, and all of them represent CTE’s mission to support instructors who want to develop as teachers.

National, International and Grant-Funded Initiatives

CTE is involved in several collaborations and networks that enable KU faculty to connect with colleagues on other campuses and bring national visibility to KU’s work on educational improvement an innovation.

Ongoing Grant Projects

The TRESTLE project implements and assesses a model for promoting widespread transformation of undergraduate STEM courses (and faculty members) using department-embedded pedagogy experts and community building, at a network of 7 research universities.
The TEval Grant is a collaborative grant with UMass Amherst, CU Boulder, and Michigan State to foster department adaptation of a multidimensional, multisource framework (Benchmarks for Teaching Effectiveness) for the documentation, review and evaluation of teaching.
The Inclusive Excellence in STEM grant, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), aims to foster greater inclusion and equity in the introductory science experience through cross-curricular alignment and innovation. Department partners are Undergraduate Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics and Mathematics.
CTE is a partner on an Association of American Universities grant awarded to Chemical and Petroleum Engineering to develop a more effective teaching evaluation system. C&PE's process draws on CTE's Benchmarks for Teaching Effectiveness framework, and uses evidence from peer triads, instructors, and students to capture diverse teaching contributions and diminish bias.