Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

About CTE

The KU Center for Teaching Excellence was established in 1997. CTE is truly a grassroots organization. Faculty initiated our development, and they continue to guide our programs. We are advised by a board of faculty members (TEAM) and a group of campus-wide department liaisons called Ambassadors. Our primary purpose is to build community among faculty members and to help them make student learning visible.

To fulfill these purposes, we support faculty members and instructional staff in various ways:

  • Facilitate meetings with small groups of faculty members to find time-efficient and effective ways to improve student learning.
  • Assist faculty with representing the intellectual work they do in teaching, including developing portfolios.
  • Host workshops, conferences, and discussion forums on teaching and learning in higher education.
  • Publish newsletters, research reports, and other works on the scholarship of teaching.
  • Meet individually with faculty and instructional staff who want discuss any facet of teaching and student learning.