New Faculty Quick Links

Welcome to teaching at KU



CTE has several resources and programs for new faculty. If you’re just starting at KU, these may be particularly useful:

  • Backward Design: Ideas for identifying course goals, planning what to teach, what opportunities students will have for learning, and how you’ll evaluate whether students are meeting course goals.
  • Preparing a Syllabus: What to include; also check the inclusive teaching syllabus checklist.
  • Inclusive Teaching: Adopting inclusive teaching methods, creating an inclusive climate, leading difficult discussions, plus a syllabus checklist.
  • First Day of Class: Ideas for how to handle your first class meeting
  • Teaching-Related Policies and Practices: Includes guidance on protecting student privacy, supporting your students, maintaining academic integrity, and managing your class.
  • Student Support: Campus resources to be aware of as you encounter students who need support and assistance with and beyond academics.

You can also see our Portfolio Gallery, which showcases more than 100 teaching portfolios. These examples, primarily from KU, illustrate how various faculty members have addressed teaching questions and developed projects to improve student learning.

After you’ve taught at KU for a year or two, consider applying for CTE’s Course Design Institute. The Course Design Institute is a collegial, hands-on seminar especially useful for teachers who would like to reflect on and learn to represent their teaching. 

Essential Guide to Teaching

This guide focuses on ways that college teachers provide maximum benefits to learners. It's intended for an audience of university faculty members who will organize and offer courses. The guide offers an inclusive representation of teaching practices and policies at KU.
Cover of the Essential Guide to Teaching