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Welcome to teaching at KU

A CTE discussion with Chris Brown


CTE has several resources and programs for new faculty. If you’re just starting at KU, these may be particularly useful:

  • Flex Teaching: A CTE website on creating courses so instructors can move between in-person and online teaching.
  • Preparing a Course: Ideas for identifying course goals, planning what to teach, what opportunities students will have for learning, and how you’ll evaluate whether students are meeting course goals.
  • Building a syllabus: What to include; also check the inclusive teaching syllabus checklist
  • Inclusive teaching: Adopting inclusive teaching methods, creating an inclusive climate, leading difficult discussions, plus a syllabus checklist
  • University Senate Rules and Regulations: Includes academic schedules, evaluating student work, academic misconduct, and conflict resolution
  • 2-Minute Mentor: A video series that provides suggestions for new faculty from experienced KU faculty and instructional staff members

KU policies and procedures are linked here. This link includes information about the academic calendar, concealed carry, student policies, teaching innovations, and other teaching resources on the Lawrence campus.

You can also see our portfolio page showcasing over 100 different teaching portfolios. These examples, primarily from KU, illustrate how various faculty members have addressed teaching questions and developed projects to improve student learning.

After you’ve taught at KU for a year or two, consider applying for CTE’s Best Practices Institute. BPI is a collegial, hands-on seminar especially useful for teachers who would like to reflect on and learn to represent their teaching. 

News & Notes

See how CTE is leading the shift to flexible teaching at KU.

Visit the Flex Teaching sitewhich provides help for creating flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online.