Portfolios with Keyword Undergraduate students

Title Sort descending Author Discipline Keyword(s)
Assessing Learning Outcomes for a Course Sequence Lancaster English Undergraduate students
Creating a Virtual Museum of African Art Salami African & african american studies Undergraduate students
Drawing Parallels between Aesthetic Experience and Life Experience—Danny Anderson (2006) Greenhoot Psychology Undergraduate students
Encouraging Students’ Analytical Abilities in a Large Literature Survey Schieberle English Undergraduate students
Engaging Students in Politics through Service-Learning—Mary Banwart (2012) Banwart Psychology Undergraduate students
Enhancing Student Learning in Math Classes—Estela Gavosto (2008) Gavosto Math Undergraduate students
Establishing Disciplinary Foundations with Discussion, Lecture, and Writing—Daniel Hirmas (2011) Hirmas Geography Undergraduate students
Examining Student Achievement of the Broad Learning Goals in a Psychology and Social Issues Course—Ludwin Molina (2014) Molina Psychology Undergraduate students
Finding Comfort in Uncertainty via Low-Stakes Close Reading Practices in Global Environmental Literature—Phillip Drake (2019) Drake English Undergraduate students
From Neurons to the Brain: Redesigning a Neuroscience Course to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement—Evangelia G. Chrysikou (2013) Greenhoot Psychology Undergraduate students
Incorporating Public Speaking into a Senior-Level Engineering Course Schrock Civil, environmental & architectural engineering Undergraduate students
Increasing and Evaluating SPLH Student Engagement in Undergraduate Research Storkel Speech-language-hearing Undergraduate students
Increasing Student Engagement in a Survey Course on Communicative Disorders—Nancy Brady (2010) Greenhoot Psychology Undergraduate students
Inspiring “Real-World” Knowledge in Principles of Nutrition and Health—Ashley Herda (2014) Herda Health, sport & exercise sciences Undergraduate students
Integrating Ethics into a Chemistry-Based Environmental Science Course—Dan Higgins, KSU (2007) Higgins Chemistry Undergraduate students
Integrating Ethics into Graduate and Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Courses—Elizabeth Friis (2008) Friis Mechanical engineering Undergraduate students
Preparing Music Educators to Work with Special Needs Students—Cynthia Colwell (2006) Greenhoot Psychology Undergraduate students
Promoting Critical Thinking and Analysis in an Undergraduate-Level Course Stiller Art history Undergraduate students
Shaping Graduate Students’ Methodologies and Professional Values through Dialogue, Writing, and Group Projects—Chad Kraus (2011) Kraus Architecture Undergraduate students
Taking Photos v. Making Photos: Teaching Photography with Overview—Bryon Darby (2014) Greenhoot Psychology Undergraduate students