Portfolios with Keyword Assignment design

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A Little Writing Goes a Long Way: Using Microwriting to Improve Student Engagement and Performance Gullickson Spanish & portuguese Assignment design
Connecting Historical Issues to Contemporary Problems with Service-Learning Warren Women, gender and sexuality studies Assignment design
Developing Students’ Diagnostic Abilities in a Hearing Disorders Course—Tiffany Johnson (2008) Johnson Speech-language-hearing Assignment design
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Compassion: In a Quantative Methods Class Lyles Urban planning Assignment design
Encouraging Students’ Analytical Abilities in a Large Literature Survey Schieberle English Assignment design
Enhancing Student Learning in Introduction to Sport Management—Angela Lumpkin (2011) Lumpkin Health, sport & exercise sciences Assignment design
Enhancing Students’ Professional Competencies in Urban Policy and Management—Kelly LeRoux (2007) Leroux Public administration Assignment design
Establishing Disciplinary Foundations with Discussion, Lecture, and Writing—Daniel Hirmas (2011) Hirmas Geography Assignment design
Expanding the Dimensions of Learning a Language: Designing Assignments that Strengthen Intercultural Competence — Brandon Essary, Elon University (2017) Essary Italian Assignment design
Finding Comfort in Uncertainty via Low-Stakes Close Reading Practices in Global Environmental Literature—Phillip Drake (2019) Drake English Assignment design
From Neurons to the Brain: Redesigning a Neuroscience Course to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement—Evangelia G. Chrysikou (2013) Greenhoot Psychology Assignment design
Helping Students Think Like an Academic Scholar of Religious Studies—Serguei Dolgopolskii (2008) Dolgopolskii Religious studies Assignment design
Inclusive Practices and STEM Education La voy Curriculum & teaching Assignment design
Incorporating Active Learning in an Online Course to Increase Graduate Student Engagement—Hyesun Cho (2012) Greenhoot Psychology Assignment design
Incorporating Public Speaking into a Senior-Level Engineering Course Schrock Civil, environmental & architectural engineering Assignment design
Incorporating Writing into Mathematics Classes—Myunghyun Oh (2010) Oh Math Assignment design
Intercultural Competencies in Masterworks of Music—Martin Nedbal (2019) Nedbal Music Assignment design
Mentoring Graduate Students in the Teaching of Introductory Courses—Cheryl Lester (2011) Lester American studies Assignment design
Moving Toward Expertise: Helping Students Become Effective Site Planners—Bonnie Johnson (2008) Johnson Urban planning Assignment design
Portfolio Assessment: An Alternative to Traditional Performance Evaluation Methods in the Area Studies Programs Omelicheva Assignment design