Portfolios with Keyword Course design

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Developing Intercultural Competence and Critical Thinking in Intermediate French Choplin French Course design
Developing Students’ Diagnostic Abilities in a Hearing Disorders Course—Tiffany Johnson (2008) Johnson Speech-language-hearing Course design
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Compassion: In a Quantative Methods Class Lyles Urban planning Course design
Engaging the Whole Musical Self Through Expert Music Analysis Processes Attas Music theory Course design
From Neurons to the Brain: Redesigning a Neuroscience Course to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement—Evangelia G. Chrysikou (2013) Greenhoot Psychology Course design
Helping Students Think Like an Academic Scholar of Religious Studies—Serguei Dolgopolskii (2008) Dolgopolskii Religious studies Course design
Improving Integration of Capstone Literature in Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport—Jordan Bass (2014) Greenhoot Psychology Course design
Inclusive Practices and STEM Education La voy Curriculum & teaching Course design
Inspiring “Real-World” Knowledge in Principles of Nutrition and Health—Ashley Herda (2014) Herda Health, sport & exercise sciences Course design
Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Teaching Social Work Philosophy Methods Brook Social welfare Course design
Modifying Assessment and Fine-Tuning Expectations in an Online Version of Introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology Scioli Classics Course design
Moving Toward Expertise: Helping Students Become Effective Site Planners—Bonnie Johnson (2008) Johnson Urban planning Course design
Re-Envisioning Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology Gatts Speech-language-hearing Course design
Redesigning a Core Course Project to Improve Language Skills and Intercultural Competency Byer Spanish Course design
Shaping Graduate Students’ Methodologies and Professional Values through Dialogue, Writing, and Group Projects—Chad Kraus (2011) Kraus Architecture Course design
Social Media as a Vehicle for Connecting Theory and Practice Seo Journalism Course design
Taking Photos v. Making Photos: Teaching Photography with Overview—Bryon Darby (2014) Greenhoot Psychology Course design
Teaching Students to Visually Represent Basic Principles for Deeper Understanding and Practical Application—Shannon Criss (2014) Greenhoot Psychology Course design
The Impact of Course Transformation on Student Learning and Success in a Gateway Electrical Engineering Course — David Johnson & Molly McVey (2019) Johnson Electrical engineering & computer science Course design
Transforming a Traditional Lecture-based Course to Online and Hybrid Models of Learning—Susan Marshall, Psychology and the Dole Human Development Center (2012) Marshall Psychology Course design