Portfolios with Keyword Group work

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Achieving Success in Advancing Student Writing in the Humanities—Sheyda Jahanbani (2010) Jahanbani History Group work
Active-Learning in the Music Education and Music Therapy Classroom—Abbey Dvorak (2014) Dvorak Music education & therapy Group work
Creating a Virtual Museum of African Art Salami African & african american studies Group work
Energizing Philosophy through Service: Service Learning in a Feminism and Philosophy Course—Ann Cudd (2005) Greenhoot Psychology Group work
Enhancing Student Learning in Math Classes—Estela Gavosto (2008) Gavosto Math Group work
Finding Comfort in Uncertainty via Low-Stakes Close Reading Practices in Global Environmental Literature—Phillip Drake (2019) Drake English Group work
From Recitation to Group Dynamics: Transforming a Civil Engineering Course—Caroline Bennett (2006) Greenhoot Psychology Group work
From Theory to Practice: Cultivating Practical Application in a Music Therapy Class -Deanna Hanson-Abromeit (2014) Hanson-abromeit Music education & therapy Group work
Helping Students Understand Abstract Ideas—Heather Getha-Taylor (2012) Getha-taylor Public administration Group work
Incorporating Ethics in Political Science 705: Introduction to Research Design—Alesha E. Doan (2009) Doan Political science Group work
Inspiring “Real-World” Knowledge in Principles of Nutrition and Health—Ashley Herda (2014) Herda Health, sport & exercise sciences Group work
Learning through Cycles of Preparation, Simulation, and Reflection—Jennifer Harrison (2019) Harrison Business Group work
Measuring Group Work in a Fabrication Setting—Bruce Johnson (2012) Johnson Architecture Group work
Scaffolding Public Relations Projects in an Undergraduate Journalism Course—Crystal Y. Lumpkins (2009) Lumpkins Journalism Group work
Sequential Development of Writing Skills—Richard Hale (2004) Hale Aerospace engineering Group work
Shaping Graduate Students’ Methodologies and Professional Values through Dialogue, Writing, and Group Projects—Chad Kraus (2011) Kraus Architecture Group work
Social Media as a Vehicle for Connecting Theory and Practice Seo Journalism Group work
Transforming an Undergraduate Dynamics Course Using Team-Based Learning Luchies & mcvey Mechanical engineering Group work
Transitioning from Lecture to Group Problem-Solving Activities—Michael Murray (2006) Murray Physics & astronomy Group work
Using Creative Expression as a Tool for Increasing Scientific Communications and Understanding—Gregory Rudnick (2009) Rudnick Physics & astronomy Group work