Portfolios with Keyword Rubrics

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Assessing Learning Outcomes for a Course Sequence Lancaster English Rubrics
Closing the Loop: Identifying Program Goals, Assessing Learning Outcomes, and Re-Examining Practices—KU Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders (2008) Department of speech language and hearing Speech-language-hearing Rubrics
Connecting Research and Design in a Graduate Course Silva Architecture Rubrics
Creating a Virtual Museum of African Art Salami African & african american studies Rubrics
Developing Students’ Diagnostic Abilities in a Hearing Disorders Course—Tiffany Johnson (2008) Johnson Speech-language-hearing Rubrics
Encouraging Undergraduate Music Education Students to Read Professional Literature—Debra Hedden (2008) Hedden Music education & therapy Rubrics
Enhancing Feedback on Student Learning—Betsy Brand Six (2010) Greenhoot Psychology Rubrics
Enhancing Student Learning in Introduction to Sport Management—Angela Lumpkin (2011) Lumpkin Health, sport & exercise sciences Rubrics
Enhancing Students’ Professional Competencies in Urban Policy and Management—Kelly LeRoux (2007) Leroux Public administration Rubrics
Establishing Disciplinary Foundations with Discussion, Lecture, and Writing—Daniel Hirmas (2011) Hirmas Geography Rubrics
Fine-Tuning Undergraduate Learning Outcomes Assessment Cornelison Art history Rubrics
From Neurons to the Brain: Redesigning a Neuroscience Course to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement—Evangelia G. Chrysikou (2013) Greenhoot Psychology Rubrics
Improving Student Learning through Continuous Assessments in a Statistics Course—Pascal Deboeck (2011) Deboeck Psychology Rubrics
Incorporating Active Learning in an Online Course to Increase Graduate Student Engagement—Hyesun Cho (2012) Greenhoot Psychology Rubrics
Increasing and Evaluating SPLH Student Engagement in Undergraduate Research Storkel Speech-language-hearing Rubrics
Increasing Student Engagement in a Survey Course on Communicative Disorders—Nancy Brady (2010) Greenhoot Psychology Rubrics
Learning through Cycles of Preparation, Simulation, and Reflection—Jennifer Harrison (2019) Harrison Business Rubrics
Mentoring Graduate Students in the Teaching of Introductory Courses—Cheryl Lester (2011) Lester American studies Rubrics
Moving Toward Expertise: Helping Students Become Effective Site Planners—Bonnie Johnson (2008) Johnson Urban planning Rubrics
Portfolio Assessment: An Alternative to Traditional Performance Evaluation Methods in the Area Studies Programs Omelicheva Rubrics