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At CTE, we understand that often you will need to offer support and assistance to students in ways that are not strictly pedagogical. This support can take many forms, including helping students obtain groceries, legal services, medical and mental health services, and financial assistance for emergencies. This page contains information for KU Resources that will cover all of these needs.

The catalog below will direct you to resources on and off campus that might be useful as you encounter students who need support and assistance with and beyond academics. Recognizing ourselves and our students as  ‘whole’ individuals with needs and values beyond those that appear in the classroom helps us build a community of committed and connected learners. These resources include counseling & mental health services, career planning, campus safety, support for international, LGBTQIA+ students, and students of color, and financial assistance.


Advising: Undergraduate Advising Center, 785-864-2834

Financial Assistance: Financial Aid & Scholarships, 785-864-4700

Registration/Enrollment Problems/Holds: University Registrar, 785-864-4422

Tuition Payment: Student Account Services, 785-864-3322

Student Support: Jayhawk SOS, 785-864-0803

Tutoring: AAAC Tutoring Services, 785-864-7733

Writing Help: KU Writing Center, 785-864-2399

Study Skills: AAAC Academic Consultations, 785-864-2399


Counseling: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), 785-864-2277; Suicide Prevention Hotline, 800-273-8255; KU Psychological Clinic, 785-864-4121; Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, 785-843-2219

Health Services: Watkins Health Services, 785-864-9522

Pharmacy: Watkins Pharmacy, 785-505-5000


Absence from Class (Emergency): Student Affairs, 785-864-4060

Food Bank: Campus Cupboard,

Police (Non-emergency): KU Public Safety Office, 785-864-5900

Sexual Assualt, report to: Institutional Opportunity and Access (IOA), 785-864-6414 AND KU Public Safety, 785-864-5900; request support from KU CARE Coordinator, 785-864-9255; request education from Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center (SAPEC), 785-864-5879


Financial Assistance: Financial Aid & Scholarships, 785-864-4700

Tuition Payment: Student Account Services, 785-864-3322

Student Support: Jayhawk SOS, 785-864-0803

Food Bank: Campus Cupboard,

Student Emergency Fund: Emergency Aid Network, for help applying contact: Financial Aid & Scholarships, 785-864-4700; Student Money Management Services, 785-864-1182; or Student Support & Case Management, 785-861-4060


Academic Misconduct: Academic Achievment and Access Center (AAAC), 785-864-4064 (711 TTY)

Bus Services (after hours): Safe Ride/Safe Bus, 785-864-7233

Diversity & Equity: Office of Multicultural Affairs, 785-864-4350

Legal Services for Students: Legal Services for Students, 785-864-5665

LGBTQIA+ Support: Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. 785-864-4265

Student Misconduct (Student Code): Student Conduct and Community Standards, 785-864-4060

Additional Resources:

Please visit the following links for information on official KU Polices on Campus Carry, the University Senate Rules and Regulations, and other KU Policies and Resources.

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