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Assessment of Student Learning

The assessment of student learning is an ongoing, faculty-led process of inquiry that leverages evidence to improve our courses, degree programs, and general education curriculum. Much like research within our own disciplines, the continuous cycle of improvement informed by assessment acknowledges that there is always room for marginal adjustments and refinements of our practices.

At KU, many of our faculty and instructional staff actively contribute to and make use of the national conversation around “best practices” in assessing student learning. The Center for Teaching Excellence works to support, enable, and promote meaningful assessment within courses, degree programs, and the general education curriculum, the KU Core. Primarily, we work with departments through direct consultation, workshops, and stipend-supported programs that enlist faculty in long-term collaborations with our support staff.

If you are here for resources about course-level assessment, consider visiting our Teaching Resources or Portfolio Gallery, where you can view many “home grown” examples from your colleagues right here at KU. If you are looking for information about KU’s new general education assessment process, visit the KU Core website. To read more about how assessment relates to KU’s accreditation and your department’s role in this important process, visit the provost office’s website.       

For more information and resources about degree level assessment and the upcoming February 2023 deadline for annual reporting at the undergraduate and graduate levels, please keep reading. We’ve built this page as a one-stop shop for faculty working on degree-level assessment.  

At any point, please feel free to email Dr. Joshua Potter, Associate Director of Student Learning and Analytics, with your questions or requests for consultation.


Upcoming Events

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a series of faculty workshops and events from September through February each year to help departments as they prepared their annual degree-level assessment reports. This year, we're focusing on the following topics, which were selected in consultation from faculty around the campus who work on assessment:

  • Learning Outcomes 101: Oct 4, Nov 2, and Jan 17
  • Curriculum Mapping: Oct 6, Nov 3, and Jan 18
  • Building an Assessment Plan: Oct 19, Nov 8, and Jan 19
  • Submitting Your Undergraduate Report: Jan 30 and Feb 8
  • Submitting Your Graduate Report: Jan 31 and Feb 9
  • Assessing to Safeguard: Oct 25 and Nov 9

You can sign up for these workshops here.


One-Pagers from the Center for Teaching Excellence

A Crash-Course in KU's Degree-Level Assessment

Reflection Prompts for Faculty -- Designing Assessment Initiatives

Gathering and Analyzing Data on Student Learning


CTE Presentations on the KU Degree-Level Assessment Process

Learning Outcomes Workshop

Curriculum Mapping Workshop

Leveraging Outcomes and Maps to Create Assessment Plans


Portfolios from KU Faculty Focusing on Degree-Level Assessment

Speech, Language, and Hearing

Spanish & Portuguese

Master's Level Area Studies

Journalism & Mass Communication

Introductory English

Art History


Some of Our Favorite Resources from Around the Web

Carnegie Mellon's Brief Guide to Degree-Level Assessment

UMass Amhurst's Deeper Dive on Degree-Level Assessment

General Overview of Learning Outcomes from Cal Poly

Nuts-and-Bolts Approach to Learning Outcomes from Pepperdine

Curriculum Mapping from the National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment

DePaul's General Strategies in Assessment Planning


Looking to Get More Involved?

While you work on your degree-level assessment initiatives, the Center for Teaching Excellence has a number of faculty programs that offer (a) financial compensation and (b) our assistance and expertise. We will be renewing two of these programs during the 2022-2023 academic year, with requests for proposals announced in August or September. You can view previous year's calls here: Ideas-to-Action and Mapping and Assessment Planning.  

CTE turns 25

The Center for Teaching Excellence is celebrating its 25th birthday this academic year. Watch for special events and workshops.