Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

How to Improve Student Engagement  Effectively in Atomic Physics  (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Huan Liu, Lecturer of Physics, College of Physics and Electronic Information Engineering, Zhejiang Normal University  


A Team-based Learning Course Transformation for Website Design (PowerPoint File)
Hongyi Miao, Lecturer of Information Technology Education, College of Communication and Creative Culture, Zhejiang Normal University 


Course Transformation of Python Programming Based on Team-based Learning (PowerPoint File)
Suli Yan, Lecturer of Computer Programming, College of Engineering, Zhejiang Normal University 


Team-Based Learning in Mathematical Analysis I  (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Lixin Qian, Associate Professor of Mathematics, College of Mathematics and Computer Science, Zhejiang Normal University


Course Transformation for Chemistry Curriculum and Pedagogy with Team-based Learning  (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Liying Zhu, Lecturer of Science Education, College of Teacher Education, Zhejiang Normal University


Course Transformation for Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry  (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Shoucheng Pu, Lecturer of Biology, College of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Zhejiang Normal University


Support for Fall Flex Teaching!

CTE has created a website for helping faculty create flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online. Visit the Flex Teaching site.