Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community
Art and Design

Application of Visiting the University of Kansas on the Course Garden Plants and Applications (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Xu An, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, College of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Zhejiang Normal University  


“Introduction to Film and Television Industry" Homework Evaluation Mechanism Design (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Xuefei Chen, Associate Professor of Film and Television Arts, College of Communication and Creative Culture, Zhejiang Normal University 


Research on the Teaching Reform of Environmental Design Project Practice Course (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Quingshi Luo, Lecturer of Environmental Design, College of Fine Arts, Zhejiang Normal University


Course Transformation of Children's Picture Book Design to Motivate Student Learning (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Lingzhu, Associate Professor of Art Education, Hangzhou Kindergarten Teacher's College, Zhejiang Normal University


The Teaching Innovations for Art History Course (PowerPoint File)
Dr. Qin Wang, Professor of Fine Art, College of Fine Arts, Zhejiang Normal University

《艺术史 》课程改革与创新

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