Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community


TRESTLE is a multi-institution, NSF-funded project (NSF DUE #1525775) designed to help STEM departments transform undergraduate courses around teaching strategies that are known to improve student learning. TRESTLE is led by KU and involves six other research universities: Indiana University, Queen’s University, U of British Columbia, UC Davis, U of Colorado, and UT San Antonio. This project offers KU faculty members:

  • Funding for TRESTLE course transformation grants and travel grants to help faculty redesign courses to create a more active learning environment and track student learning based on the redesign efforts.
  • An online community of colleagues and collaborators from other TRESTLE institutions who are also focusing on STEM course reform.
  • A virtual online “Brown Bag Discussion” series, open to anyone interested in course transformation or other teaching change efforts.
  • Opportunities to participate in annual face-to-face gatherings of this network to share strategies, results, and lessons learned.
  • Access to resources and rich examples of successful and ongoing course transformation work via the TRESTLE website

Each TRESTLE campus is implementing their own adaptation of a course transformation initiative that involves (a) department-embedded experts, such as teaching postdoctoral fellows, who collaborate with faculty on course transformation, and (b) the formation of intellectual communities around student-centered teaching and active learning, within and across departments, and across the TRESTLE network.

To join the TRESTLE network and learn more about events and resources, visit the website at


Andrea Follmer Greenhoot (PI), Director of CTE and Professor of Psychology
Caroline Bennett (Co-PI), Associate Professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Mark Mort (Co-PI), Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Blair Schneider, TRESTLE Program Manager and Postdoctoral Fellow

Why is it called TRESTLE?

TRESTLE stands for, Transforming Education, Stimulating Teaching and Learning Excellence, capturing the major goals of this project. The TRESTLE concept also aligns well with the model that underlies this initiative-like the project, a trestle both supports (i.e., the embedded experts) and connects (the communities).

News & Notes

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