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Student Survey of Teaching

Professor Cheryl Lester lecturing to studentsStudent evaluations of teaching are an important part of the feedback that faculty members receive. The Kansas Board of Regents requires that student evaluations include questions about students’ perception of delivery of instruction, assessment of learning, availability of faculty members to students, and whether course goals and objectives were met. At KU, departments use various forms to obtain this feedback. Check with your unit chair for a copy of the form used in your department.

It’s crucial that we learn to read student feedback. KU has moved away from asking students to give an overall rating of a teacher, and instead asking students to answer questions about specific features of a teacher’s performance. Whether or not they’re learning will be examined by looking at their work, not their impressions. Students are a good audience to tell us if we’re clear, accessible, respectful or timely. They may also be able to tell us if the activities we give them are well aligned with the ways we evaluate their learning. These and similar questions can help us see ourselves through the eyes of our students. We’re asking them to do a lot of work, and it’s useful to have a cooperative relationship with our students. 

A new student survey of teaching form became available for departments in Fall 2008, along with a corresponding report form. Check with your department for more information.

Support for Fall Flex Teaching!

CTE has created a website for helping faculty create flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online. Visit the Flex Teaching site.