Example 4: Partial credit for assignment

This is from late in the semester. The answers are correct as far as they go, but they lack depth and sophistication.



1. Identify three findings from EyeTrack research you think journalists should know.


2. How do the findings about tablet reading differ from those related to print and online reading?


Student response

1. Studies show that readers read more of a story if they are reading it online compared to if they are reading it on paper.


2. There are two types of readers: methodical readers and scanners. Methodical readers read all of the text and scanners look at the headline and pictures and will scan through parts of the text


3. In both advertisements and pictures people are more likely to look at them if they are in color.


2. In a way, a tablet can take the place of a newspaper, magazine or book. The big difference is that the reader gets to interact with their tablet and it is no longer a one-way road. Readers want to be involved and tablets have turned readers from being passive.


These responses aren't bad, but they simply parrot the readings rather than showing an ability to analyze and synthesize the material and provide connections beyond the readings themselves.