SPLH 466 Language Science

Article Assignment 1


Corsten, S., Mende, M., Cholewa, J., & Huber, W. (2007). Treatment of input and output phonology in aphasia: A single case study. Aphasiology, 21, 587-603.


Pre-discussion assignment (10 points) DUE Thursday January 31st IN CLASS


Read the introduction, methods, and results of the paper and answer the questions below. EVERYONE must answer ALL questions.


For the class discussion we will focus on figuring out exactly what the researchers did and what their results suggest.


Please bring TWO COPIES of your answers to class: One to turn in at the beginning of class and one for you to refer to during group work and discussions.


You will be assigned one question that you will have to present to the class with a group of students during the class discussion.

1.     Describe the participant in this study. What characteristics did he have that made him an interesting case study?

2.     This study involved treatment control tests and treatment material. What was the purpose of each? How were they different?

3.     Describe the experimental design.

4.     Describe what Table 1 shows.

5.     Describe what Figure 2 shows.


Post-discussion assignment (20 points) DUE Tuesday February 5th IN CLASS


Read the remainder of the article. Now that you understand WHAT the researchers did, consider WHY they did what they did and how their results might inform clinical practices. Using your notes from the class discussion, briefly summarize the article (1 to 2 pages) and be sure to include the following information:


Purpose of the study


Independent and dependent variables


Procedures (participant information, materials, and experimental design)






Implications for clinical practice