Journal Assignment (50 pts)

-      Each week you will complete the online journal in Blackboard. The purpose of your journal is to record and reflect on what you have learned throughout the course and for me to be able to check for understanding and give you feedback. You will turn complete your entries each week by Sunday at midnight. I will read your entry and reply to any questions or issues you might be having early the following week. At the end of the course you will receive a grade for your journal.

-      What to write in you journal 

-      reflect on what you have learned

-      write about your research process and work on assignments

-      include references and annotations found each week for annotated bibliography

-      ask questions if you are confused by something in the class

-      connect what you are learning in this course to your other work at the University


Annotated Bibliography (100 pts) Your writing project for this course will be an annotated bibliography (see Writing Guide: Annotated Bibliographies: Your annotations will be both descriptive and evaluative. These resources will best represent information that supports your thesis/assertion. Over the next few weeks, you will accumulate several resources for your topic. You need to select at least 6 resources that you feel best address the needs of your thesis. You must include:


-      A thesis Statement

-      2 websites

-      1 book

-      2 peer reviewed articles

-      1 primary resource


The purpose of this project is to:


-      Find resources for your research

-      Articulate the importance of each resource based on your thesis

-      Explain why you consider these to be quality resources


The annotated bibliography will include a brief introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement.




ASSIGNMENT (All assignments will be submitted in Blackboard unless otherwise noted)

Feb 2nd- 9th

-      Introduction discussion (5 pts)

-      Read the section about the research process. Complete the research process quiz. (7 pts)

-      Watch the video tutorial from Penn State Libraries on the Information Cycle, and complete the Information Cycle Quiz (6 pts).

-      Write in your research journal (4 pts)


Feb 10th-16th

-      Create or select a research topic (10 pts)

-      Watch the video on creating a thesis statement.

-      Create a thesis statement concerning your research topic. (20 pts)

-      Write in your journal. (4 pts)

Feb 17th-23rd

-      Read the section on ethical research and scholarship.

-      Read the section on basic citations and complete citation activity to see if you understand the structure of citations (10 pts).

-      Check out the Citation Management Software guide and select the citation tool you will use for this class.

-      Write in your research journal and let me know which citation software you will be using (4 pts)


Feb 24th-March 2nd

-      Read the handout and watch the video concerning popular versus scholarly resources and take the quiz. (10 pts)

-      Read the handout and watch the video concerning primary versus scholarly resources and take the quiz. (10 pts)

-      Post a journal entry about how you will apply what you learned about different types of resources in this module to your other assignments at KU. (4 pts)


March 3rd-9th

-      Watch the videos about selecting, searching databases and using the Get at KU feature.

-      Complete "Locating Journal " activity (10 pts)

-      Watch the video about how to read a scholarly journal article.

-      Complete the activity for how to read a scholarly journal article. (35pts)

-      Post a journal entry.

-      This week in addition to your reflection on what you have learned and any questions you might have you will need to list information for at least three journal articles you found when searching databases. You will use the two best articles (one must be peer-reviewed) out of the three for your annotated bibliography assignment in week seven. For the two best articles you will include the proper citation and annotation (10pts)


March 10th-16th

-      Search the KU Catalog and find at least one book for your research and add to your annotated bibliography.

-      Take the online quiz about searching the KU Catalog (15 pts).

-      Post journal entry (6 pts). Include the book information you found in the KU catalog.


March 24th-30th

-      Watch video on evaluating resources and take quiz (15 pts)

-      Complete activity on evaluating resources (15 pts).

-      Watch the videos "Facebook and Google / Secret Revealed " and "Google Scholar ". Take the quiz on both. (10 pts)

-      Create annotated bibliography and upload (10 pts)

-      Write in journal. In your journal reflect on what you have learned this week and evaluate the resources you have collected so far. Explain why or why not you have decided to keep the sources you have for the annotated bibliography (6 pts).


April 2nd-April 6th

-      Post feedback on the annotated bibliography to the peer assigned to you using the Annotated Bibliography rubric. (25 pts).

-      Research journal. Post your reflections now that the course is over. What has been the most important things you have learned? (10 pts)

-      Optional: Make an appointment to consult or submit your annotated bibliography and rubric to the Writing Center for feedback (15 extra credit)

-      Submit annotated bibliography (100 pts)