Excerpts from Syllabi and Worksheets from fall 2016 and fall 2017 ITL 121 Course

Fall 2016 ITL Discussion Group Description from Syllabus

Discussion Groups (5%) will take place twice during the semester and will be based on our two films. On the days of discussion, you will be required to complete the necessary film viewing and compile questions and/or commentary based on it. See the Film Discussion Template on Moodle for preparation and role details.

Fall 2016 Film Discussion Group Worksheet

Each student should bring the following to class after watching a given day’s film segment:

  1. Choose a favorite scene and write down a quote from the Italian film transcript posted on Moodle.

  2. Describe in a sentence or two why you picked the quote and what’s going on in the scene.

  3. Analyze in a sentence or two what that quote/scene reflects about Italian surface and deep culture according to the categories below. How does it compare or contrast with your own culture?

Fall 2016 Reflection Journal Description from Syllabus

As a part of the homework, you will upload once a month a Reflection Journal entry based on your linguistic and cultural discoveries. Journal entries must be between 250 and 500 words, in English, double-spaced. The entry template will be posted on Moodle as well as on the VHL calendar on the due dates.

Fall 2016 Reflection Journal Worksheet

Reflection Journal Instructions (250-500 words in English)

These entries will require you to DEAL with the linguistic and cultural material of the course. That is, you will:

Describe, Examine, and Articulate what you are Learning. Respond to at least one question for each of these categories: Describe:

o To which deep cultural categories does this learning connect?