Reading Consideration Instructions


Instructions for On-line Reading Consideration Questions
These instructions assume some working knowledge of campus computing facilities or a home computer with internet access through a modem. If you have zero experience with computers, please see me for assistance and to arrange a tutorial.


To FIND THE WEBSITE for EDU (Enterprise Diploma):

If all goes well, you will soon see the class homepage with an open book at the top left and on the right side my name and course name. There is a large Student Menu on the left. 

If this is your first time on the EDU site you should do two things. First, bookmark this page; it will allow you to go right to this spot quickly. Second, click on the text Register for this Class and follow the screens and their instructions. The license agreement needs an acceptance from you (no cost to you) and on the next screen you should fill in the information asked for. The menu is very clear. After you fill in the blanks press for the next screen and confirm what you entered. When you confirm the information, you will get a message telling you that you are registered fine.

Remember your login and password; write them down. You will need them each time to be recorded as having considered all successive readings.

From the initial class homepage, click on Select an Assignment in the Student Menu at the left. The white box inside the Menu has a listing of the readings organized by the class dates and topics. Highlight the appropriate title; the assignment labels will match the readings for each day. Click GO. This is the point at which you identify yourself with your username and password; entering them will complete your login.

When you complete your login, the system will begin to ask you questions about the reading. The language of the system calls it a Graded Session but I am not using it as such. Your only objective is to go through and give a number of correct answers to a question for each concept (or topic). Once you have done that, regardless of whether or how many items you missed, you get credit for having considered the reading. Working through the items is largely self-explanatory, but the steps below make it clear how to proceed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not leave the EDU system without pressing finish and quit to get your consideration RECORDED. You can then leave the system by disconnecting the browser.

Be sure to allow enough time to finish; if you need to end your test before getting 100% on all the topics, use the Finish Session button at the top and then the quit button. If you exit that way the system keeps track of your work and you can continue at a later time.

Points to remember: