Grading Rubric for Final Presentation

HIST 531








Theme(s) of Course Addressed

Clearly describes demonstrates how modern issues connect to historical information presented in class.  Demonstrates understanding of continuity and change over time.



Describes links between past and present without analyzing continuities or changes. 

Describes either themes about the past or themes about the present.

Does not make connections between past and present.  Does not demonstrate understanding of change over time.


Demonstrates Understanding of Assigned Questions


Recognizes intersections among gender, race, and class as discussed in the course.  Provides quotations or direct references to texts to illustrate arguments. Suggests 3 recommendations to address issues raised.


Makes some references to course materials.

Mentions course-related topics, but does not connect to specific readings.  Does not offer 3 recommendations.



Fails to address assigned questions.


Makes individual contribution to presentation.


Plays a support role to the group presentation.

Does not clearly demonstrate contribution to presentation.  Participates on day of presentation.

Does not participate in presentation.



Mechanics and Presentation

There is an introductory statement where arguments are laid out.  Information is well organized in a logical manner.  Visuals clearly augment presentation.  A concluding statement sums up arguments succinctly.  Presentation has proper sentence and paragraph structure; there are no grammatical or spelling errors.  Presenters stay within time limit and are actively involved in question and answer session.





There is an introductory and a concluding statement.  Most information is organized in a logical manner.  There are no major errors in spoken or written parts of presentation.  Presenters stay within time limit and are somewhat involved in question and answer session.


Presentation has poor introductory and concluding statements.  Visuals are not clearly organized.  Information is not well laid out.  There is poor sentence and paragraph structure, and some grammatical or spelling errors.  There are time-limit violations or question and answer session is not viable.




Presentation has not been prepared in an organized fashion. 

Additional Areas of Concern or Strength