Spanish 446

Rubric for Analytical Papers

Assignment: Analysis and contextualization of (an) assigned text(s) written in Spanish.

The paper is also written in Spanish.











Clearly demonstrates understanding of the text(s). Relates text(s) to appropriate sociocultural circumstances.

Makes appropriate connections, both to context and to course readings. Provides specific examples and adequate quotations from the text(s) to illustrate arguments.

Demonstrates understanding. Places text(s) into some sociocultural context. Makes some connections. Some reference to course readings.

Provides quotations and examples.

Does not seem to understand parts of the text(s). Mentions sociocultural context but does not establish proper connections. No reference to course readings.

Does not provide appropriate quotations or clear examples.

Fails to demonstrate understanding. Fails to make any connections to context and course readings. No quotations, no examples.


There is an introductory paragraph in which arguments are laid out. Information is well organized in a logical manner. Good transitions are made between paragraphs. A concluding paragraph sums up arguments succinctly.

There is an introductory paragraph. Most information is organized in a logical manner. Transitions are made between paragraphs.

Poor introductory and concluding paragraphs. Writing lacks logical transitions. Information is not presented in a well-organized way. Paragraphs are poorly structured.

No introductory or concluding paragraphs. No transitions between paragraphs. Information is presented in a confusing manner. Inadequate paragraph structure.


Excellent. Clear. Specialized vocabulary. Solid grammar. No spelling errors.

Mid-level. Minor mistakes in vocabulary that do not impede message. Only a few grammar errors. Minor spelling errors.

Less proficient. Less sophisticated vocabulary and frequent errors in word choice. Frequent grammar errors. Frequent spelling errors.

Careless. Major problems in vocabulary and grammar that impede comprehension of message. Text not proofread.