Grading Rubric: Needs Assessment



Weak Reports


Stronger Reports

Problem Definition

No definition, readers does not know what problem is

Definition provided but not entirely clear

Problem is clear, reader understands what problem is and why it's a problem

Estimating size and nature of problem

No data about problem is provided. Misreading or understanding of data provided

Identifies one characteristic of problem. Shows some understanding of data provided

Identifies several characteristics of nature and scope of the problem. Sophisticate and insightful understanding and use of data.

Describing target population

No methods identified for describing the target population.

At least on appropriate characteristic of the target population is identified. Some understanding of target.

Identifies several characteristics of the target population that fit with the problem and are practical.

Understanding how targets experience the problem

No attempt is made to plan method for understanding the nature of the problem: attempt is made but does not fit problem or target population, does not use existing data, interprets incorrectly.

Includes plan for understanding the nature of the problem but proposed methods are impractical or not well articulated or not entirely appropriate for target population. Attempts to use data, uses it somewhat effectively

Includes reasonable plan for understanding the nature of the problem that fits with problem and proposed target. Uses data provided in creative and insightful ways.

Overall presentation

Weak, typos, grammar errors that affect understanding, poorly organized

Well organized but typos, etc. or reverse.

Well organized and written. Clear.


Plan doesn't fit problem, not coherent

Some parts of plan fit problem

Plan fits problem. Coherent.