Short Disorders Papers

You will be assigned 2 disorders, one will be a disorder of the external or middle ear and the second will be a disorder of the inner ear or the retrocochlear/central auditory system.  You will be responsible for writing 2 short (3-5 page, double-spaced) papers discussing each of these disorders (one paper per disorder).  In your papers, you should develop a summary of the disorder that includes information about the disorder, presenting symptoms, lists of other conditions considered in the differential diagnosis, description of how the specific diagnosis is made, and a review of treatment options.  You should consider both an audiology and a medical perspective.  You are expected to use primary references in your paper and should use the APA style for referencing.  No website references or references to your class notes/lecture materials (i.e. personal communication) are allowed.  If you find good websites, you should include a separate list in the references where you list the URLs for websites with good information regarding the disorder.  However, these websites cannot serve as reference material for the paper, they will be listed for future reference purposes only. 


On the date these are due you should turn in 2 hard copies and one electronic copy of the papers.  One hard copy will be graded and returned to you.  I will then compile the papers into a book that will be distributed to the class at the end of the semester.  Because this will become a reference for future use by you and your classmates, if serious factual errors are present in your paper, you will be asked to revise it to correct the factual errors prior to your paper being included in the book.  A rubric for grading this assignment will be distributed during the 2nd week of class.