Writing Style


Of Case History

Description of  Test



Appropriate Selection

Of Tests








Very difficult to read. Writing is unclear. Contains numerous grammatical/ spelling errors.

No case history information or only demographic information provided.

No description of results provided.

Description is unclear.

All descriptions provided are incorrect.

Missing the majority of appropriate tests or simply includes results for all available tests without regard to appropriateness for this case.

Recommendations are unclear.

No recommendations made or recommendations are all inappropriate for this case.


Difficult to read.  Writing is somewhat unclear.  Contains several grammatical/ spelling errors.

Minimal case history information provided.  Missing important pieces relevant to case.

Description of some results provided, but others are omitted.

Description is moderately clear.

The descriptions contain a mix of accurate and inaccurate information.

Missing 1-2 important tests and/or included information for 1-2 inappropriate tests.  The tests choosen are broadly appropriate.

Recommendations moderately clear.

Recommendations contain a mix of appropriate and inappropriate recommendations and/or 1-2 key recommendations are omitted.


Moderately easy to read.  Writing is clear.  Few grammatical/ spelling errors.

Case history information is mostly complete, only less important information has been omitted.

Description of all relevant test results provided.

Description is clear and easy to understand.

The descriptions are mostly accurate with only 1 or 2 errors.

No more than one error of omission or inclusion of appropriate tests.  Test choice is accurate with one exception.

Recommendations very clear.

Recommendations are appropriate and comprehensive.


Easy to read.  Writing is very clear.  <2 grammatical/ spelling errors.

Case history information is complete.



The descriptions are accurate.

All necessary tests included and no unnecessary tests included.









Correct (1 pt. each)

Incorrect (0 pts. each)

Identifying Information




Pure-Tone Audiogram AC Thresholds




Pure-Tone Audiogram BC Thresholds








Ipsilateral Reflexes




Contralateral Reflexes




Acoustic Reflex Decay




Pure-tone Average








Word Recognition





Total Correct