Level of Quality

                                               Low                          Medium                       High

Ethical Issues                   

Determine the facts of the case

Some relevant facts not identified or facts are incorrect.

Facts identified, but some may not be relevant to the case or may have been misinterpreted.

All relevant facts identified appropriately.  Some unavailable facts that were relative to the ethical outcome were also identified. 

Define the ethical issues

Central ethical issues not defined appropriately or completely. 

Central ethical issues identified and clearly explained. 

Central issues are all identified and used as basis for ethical evaluation; other issues are also identified.

Identify the affected parties

Affected parties not identified completely. 

Major parties are identified, but some minor parties may be missing. 

All parties are identified.

Identify the consequences

Critical consequences of actions are missing; relative weights of actions and consequences not identified.

All critical consequences are identified, but some minor consequences are missing; weights of critical consequences are considered.

All consequences (both major and minor) are identified, and weights of these are identified.

Identify the obligations

The obligations of all players have not been addressed fully.

The obligations have been considered, but not fully articulated.

The relative importance of obligations has been explicitly articulated.

Consider your character and integrity

Major aspects of character of the players have been missed.  The importance of the integrity of the players has been grossly underestimated or overlooked.

Some aspects of character and integrity of the players with respect to the ethical issues have not been fully addressed or explored. 

The role of character of the players has been addressed and explored in detail. 

Think creatively about potential alternative actions

Potential alternative actions have not been explored.

Acceptable alternative actions have been stated, but may not be clear or complete.

Acceptable alternative actions have been clearly stated.

Check your gut

A fundamental flaw in the ethical analysis exists that leads to a conclusion that violates basic moral societal values, yet student does not recognize this problem.

Student has compared the outcome of the ethical assessment with conventional morality, but does not articulate the comparison fully. 

Student has compared the outcome of ethical assessment with conventional morality and has clearly articulated the comparison. 

Decide on the specific ethical action

Analysis was not carried out sufficiently and is fundamentally flawed; solution may be trivial or illogical.

Solution and ethical analysis is logical and clear, but does not show great reflection or insight; the analysis may be superficial at some level.

Solution and ethical analysis is logical and clearly presented at a level that reflects extensive reflection and insight.



The argument is poorly structured.

The argument is reasonably well structured, but improvements could be made.

The argument is very well structured.


There are numerous grammatical and spelling errors.

There are relatively few grammatical and spelling errors.

There are almost no grammatical or spelling errors.