Information contained in each of four sections of PSCY 102




 "Introduction" covers course structure, expectations and goals, and course procedures, and includes a mandatory academic misconduct and plagiarism lesson and quiz that they must complete before moving forward in the course. 


Know the Basics


"Know the Basics" explains professional mentorship, major policies and procedures, student self assessment of career fitness and personal values (using career assessment tests provided by the university's Career Center), and an orientation to career options in psychology.




"Opportunities" helps students think about and find scholarships for undergraduate and graduate work, provides a lesson on happiness and data on relationship between money and happiness (prior to exposing them to salary information), describes career paths after college for both bachelor-level and graduate-level degrees, covers opportunities in the department beyond the required course load, such as research internships and honors projects, raises awareness of external opportunities such as service learning and volunteering, and covers successfully preparing for graduate school admissions. 




"Planning" consists of two capstone exercises: one is preparing a course plan for the remainder of their college years, including departmental and external opportunities that will engage in, and one is a career plan that brings together work they have completed in other sections on personal values and career goals with their course plan.