PSYC 102 Course Goals

This course is designed to make YOUR education more valuable by providing a context for your course work and the important experiences you will have outside of the classroom. The general goals of this course are:

Reach students early

Provide students with information about their own values that may impact future planning

Provide students with information about careers supported by the psychology major

 Provide students with information about psychology course planning

 Require students to engage in career and coursework planning


It is also important to provide a disclaimer about this course. The purpose of PSYC 102 is not to guide all of our students to become professional psychologists, but rather to help our students consider their efforts in our department as a means to reach their goals. The intent is not to short change the value of an excellent liberal arts education by creating a vocational education approach or to mirror the professional schools at KU; rather, PSYC 102 is designed to encourage students to become more invested in planning their education.

After taking this course, you may decide that psychology is not what you thought it was and that the major is not for you. You may find options that are not mentioned here, but that will work well for you. This course is about providing you with options, and what you need to do now to fully take advantage of those options.

This course is not about choosing a life plan for you right now. You may find that your goals and values change dramatically over the next few years. This course provides resources to use no matter where life takes you. For example, one of the capstone exercises will be to develop a career plan. Do not expect that this will be the only time that you will engage in this exercise. When you have done it once, you will be better prepared to do it effectively again. You will learn what aspects of career planning you need to think about now and which ones you can address later.

You don't want to hear from an advisor when you are a senior that you are two years late in getting started. So, keeping in mind that this is about developing goals and the means to reach those goals, let's get started!