Thesis and Content

Original and clear thesis with consistent, sufficient, persuasive, unified, and well-organized support and illustration. Ideas and points are original, significant, and well-developed. Answers one of the questions outlined in the project description. (50 – 47)


Clearly stated thesis, but the paper inadequately sustains the argument; thesis is unclear, but the paper sustains an argument; attempts to answer one of the questions outlined in the project description (46 – 44)


Poorly stated thesis, inadequately supports argument, poor organization; doesn't answer one of the questions outlined in the project description (43– 38)


No thesis or argument; does not answer one of the questions outlined in the project description (37 – 0)


Use of Sources

Convincing analysis using quotes from at least six sources (these sources must meet the requirements outlined in the project description). Clear connections between points and supporting quotes (50 – 47)


Analysis using only four or five sources; or the connections between the points and supporting quotes are unclear (46 – 44)


Analysis using two or three sources; or only incorporates or analyzes two to three quotes from sources (43 – 38)


Paper uses no or one source to make argument; does not incorporate any quotes from sources (37 – 0)


Writing Style and Mechanics

The paper has a tone and perspective appropriate to academic writing. The paper meets academic standards in punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and overall appearance. The paper is typed in 12 pt., Times New Roman font, with 1" margins (50 – 47)


The paper lacks one of these conventions (46 - 44)


The paper lacks two of these conventions (43 - 38)


The paper is incomprehensible due to errors in language or usage (37 – 0)


Citation Format

The paper correctly and consistently uses MLA format – parenthetical citations - when citing (50 – 47)


The paper attempts to use MLA format when citing but does so incorrectly (46 – 44)


The paper uses a citation style used in another discipline (43 – 38)


Citation is unclear or missing; remember that lack of citation is plagiarism and may be grounds for failing the project or, in certain cases, the course

(37 – 0)

*See "Citation Format" tab on Blackboard for more information on how to cite correctly using MLA