Grading Criteria for Blackboard Posts


50/50 points (advanced) = summaries accurately reflect the reading(s) main thesis, theme, or argument and do not exceed twenty-five words each; questions invite discussion and conversation and are grounded in specific readings (and provide citation)


Example by Jessica Hampton:

Domestica explains the circumstances of Latino/a domestic workers in global cities and the perception of these workers in the eyes the employees and the employers.


1. In the article housekeeping is not seen as real job, it is seen as a hobby and never quite gains legitimacy. Why is this line of work not seen as a real job? If this was your job would you consider it a real job? Why is housekeeping such a good stepping stone to a "real" job (p.9-10)?

2. There seems to be a correlation in the demographics of domestic workers with the immigration of the time period, with Irish, German, Scandinavian immigrants, to U.S. born women in the late 19th century to African American workers in the early 20th century, to Latina workers from the 1980s to today (p.14). From what demographic background do you think the next influx of domestic workers will come from? Or, do you think domestic work will disappear as it once was thought?


45/50 points (good) = either the summaries accurately reflect the reading(s) main thesis, theme, or argument, the summaries exceed twenty-five words each, or the questions invite discussion and conversation but are not all grounded in specific readings (does not include citations).


Example by Anonymous Student:

Domestica discusses the growing population of Latinos and how the jobs they perform in the US are a crucial part of the economy.

1. Being American and going to another country to live because it would better your life, how do you think you would react and expect to be treated in another country?

2. If your boss gave you his or her old clothes would it make you work harder and longer for them? Is this manipulative (p.11)?


40/50 points (threshold) = summaries inaccurately reflect the reading(s) main thesis, theme, or argument and/or exceed twenty-five words each and/or the questions do not invite discussion and conversation and/or are not grounded in specific readings.


Example by Anonymous Student:

The book Domestica discusses how the need for migrant work has increased why it has occurred, and who it has affected.

1. Although the need to hire and employee immigrant workers for menial work has increased dramatically to keep job costs low, why is there still so much hatred and discrimination against Latinos/Hispanics?

2. Have any of the students in the class ever been witness to or participated in discrimination against a person who does is doing menial/manual labor work?


0/50 points (unacceptable) = work is not posted on time or is incomplete