American Studies 110: American Identities

Annotated Bibliography of Internet Sources – Why Marriage?


Project Goal: to develop and refine your ability to evaluate internet resources


Research and prepare an annotated bibliography of internet resources. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources which includes a brief paragraph description and analysis of each source. Your bibliography must be typed in 12 pt., Times New Roman font, single-spaced with 1" margins.


-      Select a person or topic from the provided list of options.

-      Find five different websites that contain information about your chosen person or topic – if possible, choose sites containing information that relates to the content of Chauncey's Why Marriage?

-      Explore each site, making an effort to find out who compiled it, his or her authority or expertise, and for what audience it is designed.

-      Write a brief introduction; in this introduction you must explain the significance of your topic to the texts we have read in this course, especially Chauncey's Why Marriage? (but also to Where the Girls Are, "Sexuality" in Sociology, Benshoff and Griffin's chapter on heterosexuality and homosexuality and American film, etc. when relevant). Then cite each website using the Chicago Manual of Style format. Write about each site, describing it and evaluating it carefully. Make sure you include a working URL in your citation.

-      Review your five annotations, and devise a list of principles for evaluating internet sources. This list should be the last page of your report.


Grading Standards:


1)    Does the bibliography fulfill the assignment? Are there five websites on your person or topic? Do you include you principles for evaluating websites?

2)    Is the bibliography well-written—have you eliminated typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors?

3)    Are your descriptions of the five sites accurate, comprehensive, and written clearly? Do you comment on the person who created the site, her or his authority, and the audience for the site? Do you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each website?

4)    Are your principles of evaluation well-chosen, thoughtful, original? Do you include the most important criteria for good websites?


A - Your project fulfills all of these standards.

B - Your project fulfills 3 out of 4 standards.

C - Your project fulfills 2 out of 4 standards.

D - Your project fulfills 1 out of 4 standards.

F - Your project is unacceptable and does not fulfill the outlined standards.