Final Exam Answer Rubric


Novice (7pts.)

Intermediate (8-9pts.)

Expert (10pts.)

Authors chosen to respond to the question (10pts.)

The appropriate number of authors is chosen from the list of authors provided in the question, and the authors fit well the response to the question.

The authors chosen are ones that seem to be logical choices in response to the question and their connection to the response is readily apparent. The authors chosen come from more than one Unit.

The author choice in response to the assignment is surprising, perhaps because their connection to the response isn't readily apparent but is convincing, or because an author not on the list that provides compelling evidence for the response is used.

Response to the question (10pts.)

The response answers the question clearly and is of the appropriate length. The response may read more like a report without analysis. The language may be more general and there may be some repetition (wasted words).

The response is concise but thoughtful and appropriate for all of the texts mentioned. There is analysis in the response, but it may repeat discussions in class. The language is specific and precise.

The response is nuanced and takes into account the ambiguities of such large questions. It is insightful and points out new ways of considering the question beyond those discussed in class. The language of the response is well-crafted and adds to the nuance of the response.

Evidence used to support response (10pts.)

There is evidence from each of the authors and it is accurate and supports the response.

There is ample evidence from each of the authors in the form of paraphrases or quotations of particular passages from the texts (with page references).

The evidence points to the nuanced nature of the response. It is well chosen and compliments the response. Only the most necessary pieces of evidence are included.



Question choice Rubric

Novice (14-15pts.)

Intermediate (16-18 pts.)

Expert (19-20pts.)

Choice of exam questions (20pts.)

Chose the appropriate number of questions from the exam sheet. There is no identifiable pattern of choice.

The questions chosen are weighted more towards a Unit or towards certain authors. They may be of similar types or require evidence from the same genres of texts. There is a pattern to the choice of questions.

Questions chosen represent a good range of historical period, genre, authors, and types of questions. The pattern of choice represents a varied knowledge of the subject.