Student Which type of feedback inspired you to reflect more deeply about your teaching? What was more helpful about that type of feedback? Was there any value in the other type of feedback?
SD Peer Observation Peer observation was more helpful I think because you are receiving feedback from another person. They can see things totally differently from you rather than if you just observe yourself from watching your video. It is good to receive feedback from others because if you just watch your video you may not pick up on certain things that you need to improve on. The video feedback was still valuable because you could actually see what you were doing instead of just looking at a piece of paper and receiving feedback.
DE I think video did because I am the biggest critic of myself. I could really observe everything I did good and bad, and I could be hard on myself. Yeah, peers usually tell you what you did well which you don't really notice as much as what you did wrong or bad.
SG Video You get to observe yourself, listen to yourself, etc. When a peer evaluates your performance, and only has a few minutes to provide comments, the information is not as beneficial. You can review your video continuously, reflect on your performance, and see how you improve over time. Your peers understand the assignment and become used to your style of teaching, so their observations become a vital way to help you reflect on your teaching.
KH Video The video really gave me a better idea of what was happening in my lesson. I enjoyed being able to see what was happening later because right after the lesson is a little distracting and hard to picture exactly what the peer may tell you. The peer observation was helpful because they could encourage us if we did well and because we all get along, it was trustworthy criticism to hear if there were some negative things.
DK I would say video just because I could personally see what needed work. Video was more helpful, because I actually saw myself teach. This was helpful because I actually saw the mistakes that were being made. Peer observation was also helpful, but sometimes it would go in one ear and out the other. With the video I could visually see myself. Yes, because it is always helpful to get peer feedback. I just feel that video gave me more in the long run.
KK Video Video feedback let me see exactly what I was doing. I think that I am harder on myself than my peers are on me. When I see myself doing something I need to change I change it! When someone else tells me I might not know exactly what to change. It is helpful to see what your peers say about you. I think that my peers helped me see the positive things I did on my lesson. Sometimes I am so hard on myself.
BM Video You can actually see what you are doing and you can watch it over & over. Often you don't understand what you are doing wrong until you see it for yourself. Yes. Having other people's opinions is important. Sometimes other people will notice things you don't.
KM Video I thought both were effective. There are areas in your teaching that you aren't aware of until you view the video. It also gives you a perspective of what the students see. I think doing peer observations helped the observer more so than the person teaching. It helped them to reflect on the information they've learned while watching a real model execute them.
NN Video I liked video feedback better because I could see my performance and then see how the class reacted. I saw many more mistakes or things I wanted to fix after watching myself. The peer observation was helpful because sometimes peers notice things you don't catch and can explain it. I like both types of feedback.
GVR VideoI feel like sometimes my peers were too nice. I feel like I was able to see exactly what I was doing right and wrong. As I mentioned, sometimes my peers pick out the things I do well whereas I like to see where I can improve as well. There was value in peer observation because they were able to give me a different perspective. I may think I was doing something well but sometimes they were able to tell me it didn't work out so well.
LV Video VideoI was able to replay it over again. I could focus on what we were trying to teach. With peer observation it was a little bit harder Yesgot to know how our peers would grade us because they are in the same situation as us.
to remember things.
GW The video seemed the most helpful to allow me to see areas where I need improvement. I could go back and view my performance multiple times if necessary, and see the good and bad things I did. Yes, it was helpful to get an outside view and opinion of my work.



  1. Extra Eyes and Ears: An outside observer will see things that the teacher might miss. (5 of 12; 42%)
  2. Different Perspective: The observer may provide a different perspective of the same aspect of the teaching performance. (3 of 12; 25%)
  3. Qualified Observers: Feedback from peers is trustworthy because they are knowledgeable of the assignment as well as the capabilities of the teacher. (2 of 12; 17%)
  4. Encouragement: Peers provide immediate and personal encouragement following the teaching episode. (1 of 12; 8%)
  5. Observer Benefits: The observer benefits because they are able to reflect on the teaching concepts while watching a real model. (1 of 12; 8%)


  1. Seeing is believing: Video allows self-examination; teachers do not have to rely on someone else's eyes and ears. (6 of 12; 50%)
  2. Clarity: Video leads to greater understanding because it provides a picture that is clearer than a verbal description of their performance (4 of 12; 33%)
  3. Repeated Viewing: Video allows the teacher to observe their own performance over and over. (4 of 12; 33%)
  4. Rigorous Self-Assessment: Peers may be too “nice;” video allows teachers to conduct a more critical assessment of their teaching. (3 of 12; 25%)
  5. Student Perspective: Video allows the teacher to see what the student sees. (1 of 12; 8%)