HSES 320



Practice Task Demonstration &

Organizing for Independent Practice


Teacher:                                                                     Skill:


2 = Achieved; 1 = Partially Achieved; N/A = not applicable; N/O = not observed.


N/A or N/O

Equipment was ready when demonstration began.



Students were appropriately involved in the demonstration of task.



Volume was sufficient for all students to hear explanation of practice task.



Students were checked for understanding before dispersal.



Used routines for orderly dispersal to the practice formation.



Walked students through initial attempts at task, as necessary.



Used key words as teaching cues during independent practice



Gave individual feedback.







Good               Fair                  Poor                Voice (powerful, projected, enthusiastic)

Good               Fair                  Poor                Effectiveness of demonstration

Good               Fair                  Poor                Organization of practice task



Overall Evaluation (check one)



Strong performance



Solid, needs some work, but basically well done



Some major errors, room for improvement, but OK



Not adequate, several major errors




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