Service evaluation: (worth 10 pts)
Journal entries -- I wanted the entry section to be complete, with one entry for each session. It also need to be reflective in the sense that the students explicitly related a situation that they encountered in their service learning experience to a concept or theory we discussed in class.

Supervisor evaluation. -- The supervisors filled out this form. For full credit on this item, the students had to be judged reliable and useful by their supervisor.

Project design and execution -- Each project needed to be feasible. It also had to relate course material to their service site. Finally, the students needed to demonstrate that they performed the project.

Presentation:(worth 10 pts)
Description of project -- I looked for the description to be comprehensible.

Connections with course material – The students had to explicitly make a clear when they gave their presentations.

Class discussion – the students needed to generate questions and comments from the class.

Final Write-up: (worth 20 pts)
Description of project – I looked for text that was comprehensible and clearly written.

Connections with course material – I wanted a clear and explicit explanation of how the course material related to their project.

Digital images (if applicable) – This area was required if the students had chosen the digital poster option. At a minimum, I required images.