Service Learning presentation and final write-up instructions


The final parts of the service learning assignment were to make a 10-15 minute presentation of your results from your service learning activities and to write up the results in no more than five pages. I want to offer some advice on structuring these two final parts and an option for the final write-up.


First, the option: you may either make a write up on paper like a traditional paper or you can send me a file with a digital poster.


If you want to create a digital poster, I would like you to send me at least three images that are related to your project (these can be from a digital camera, which, by the way, is available from the Women's Studies office for loan), or from web images that you borrow (please provide web address source information), or scanned images. Provide captions for the images that relate them to your text. Then explain in no more than two pages of text, what service you did, what presentation or project you did with the group, and what you learned from this project. Finally, I want you to reflect on what theoretical feminism learned in the course was illuminated for you by this service learning project. I will convert this all to html and create a digital poster out of this for use on the WS website, with your permission.


If you want to do the traditional write-up, I expect a more formal 5 page paper that responds with more textual reflection to the questions: what did you do? What did you observe? What did you learn? What social problems became salient to you? How might you go about affecting these problems in the future?



Make the presentation from the poster or write-up. If you get the poster material to me a week in advance, we can actually share the poster with the class for you to talk through. Leave time for questions and discussion with the class. This should be a fun, celebratory experience!