Outline (10 points)

No timings for components included

Timings included but not logical for assigned segments

All timings for components included and appropriate for segments



Use of audio-visual media absent

Use of audio-visual media included with detailed description




No inclusion of negativity section (other teachers/parents)

Inclusion of negativity section but no detail

Inclusion of negativity section with detailed information provided



No mention of a small group activity

Inclusion of a small group activity but no detail

Inclusion of a small group activity with detailed information provided



No mention of a group discussion

Inclusion of a group discussion with detailed information provided




Outline provided but minimal detail

Outline provided with some understanding of process

Detailed outline provided with logical sequence noted


Handout (15 points)

No handout provided



Handout provided


No room for note taking by participants


Room provided for participants to take notes



More than 1 page front/back allotment


Followed criterion of 1 page front/back allotment



No contact information of presenters


Contact information (names, school, email) of presenters provided



Presentation is sloppy and not visually appealing


Presentation of handout is neat and effective

Presentation is exceptionally visually appealing


Content has inaccuracies or unclear for the participant


Content is accurate and provides basic information

Content is accurate and considered excellent as a resource for participant

Powerpoint (15 points)

Less than minimum of 10



Minimum of 10 slides


Does not use graphics/visuals


Minimal use of graphics/visuals

Effective use of graphics/visuals


Inappropriate balance of information, too much/little on each slide



Appropriate balance of information on slides, easily readable, not too busy


Content does not enhance presentation


Content is appropriate and enhances presentation

Content is excellent and functions as excellent resource for participant


Inaccurate information on slides



Accurate information on slides



Presentation (50 points)

Did not follow timeline


Fairly close to timeline

Timeline followed accurately


Dress inappropriate for inservice presentation


Dress appropriate for inservice presentation



Individuals did not present themselves professionally, too casual, disorganized, etc.


Adequate professional presentation is most areas but room for improvement

Individuals presented themselves professionally and highly organized


Inappropriate balance among presenters, more time devoted to one or more individuals


Adequate balance among presenters, indication of one not as participatory in the presentation

Appropriate balance among presenters, work load seemed appropriately divided among individuals


Participants tended to rely too heavily on slides, reading or referring to slides for information


Casual glancing at slides as needed but somewhat distracting too participants

Presenters seemed confident with material and did not need to rely on slides for forward momentum of presentation


Did not use audio/visual media outside of powerpoint



Did use audio/visual media outside of powerpoint


Did not facilitate a group discussion


Facilitated a group discussion with minimal success

Successfully facilitated a group discussion with participants


Did not lead a small group activity with participants


Facilitated a small group activity with minimal success

Successfully facilitate a small group activity with participants


Inadequate response to audience questions at conclusion of inservice


Somewhat adequate response to audience questions at conclusion

Adequate response to audience questions at conclusion

Eye Contact 

Does not attempt to look at audience at all, reads notes the entire time 


Only focuses attention to one particular part of the class, does not scan audience 

Occasionally looks at someone or some groups during presentation 

Facial Expressions

Has either a deadpan expression of shows a conflicting expression during entire presentation


Occasionally displays both a deadpan and conflicting expression during presentation

Occasionally demonstrates either a deadpan OR conflicting expression during presentation


Inappropriate or distracting gestures are noticed


No gestures are notices

Natural hand gestures are demonstrated


Sits during presentation or slumps


Occasionally slumps during presentation

Stands up straight with both feet on the ground


Shows absolutely no interest in topic presented 

Shows some negativity toward topic presented 

Occasionally shows positive feelings about topic

Demonstrates strong positive feeling during entire presentation

Vocalized Pauses (uh, well uh, um)

10 or more are noticed

6-9 are noticed

1-5 are noticed

No vocalized pauses noticed


Self Assessment of Participation ______/10 points                                    Total Score  ___________/100 points