SPLH 261 Fall 2009, MWF 9:00                               Name:


SPLH 261 Pre-assessment of Knowledge and Interest in Communication Sciences and Disorders


There are no right or wrong answers but completing the survey is worth 5 points. Please use one or two sentences to describe your understanding of the following:


1. Questions about communication disorders:

a. What is the difference between speech and language?





b. What is the difference between hearing and understanding?





c. What is communication?





d. What does it mean to have a hearing impairment?





e. What does an audiologist do?





f. What does a hearing scientist do?





g. What are some parts of anatomy involved in speech production? (e.g., tongue. . .)





h. What are some parts of anatomy involved in language production?





i. How might someone communicate if they couldn't speak?




j. When do children learn language?





k. What is a speech-language pathologist?





l. What is the difference between assessment and intervention?





m. What are some of the major communication problems of children with autism?





2. What experiences have you had relevant to communication disorders?

a. personal experiences:





b. courses:






3. What other information would you like me to know about you?