Final Paper Guidelines

Read both The Last Shot and Our Boys, paying particular attention to the experiences of the students profiled in the books.

The paper should be formatted (APA, double-spaced, references, etc.)

the same as your response papers.

The final paper should be a minimum of seven pages and a maximum of twelve pages.

Simply referencing the books is not enough. You will be expected to integrate outside resources.

Prompt: The football players in Smith Center and the basketball players in New York City were operating in vastly different environments while playing high school sports and the opportunities those environments afforded to each group. In your final paper, first compare and contrast those environments. Make sure you delve deeper than the obvious similarities and differences (e.g., critical thinking). Next, apply some of the topics we have discussed in class (power, race, social class, etc.) to the two settings described in the books. What concepts do you believe are worth analyzing/critiquing in each of these settings and why? Finally, provide future research ideas based on what we have talked about in class and you have read in these two books. What questions are still unanswered for you? What would you be interested in researching and why?

I encourage you to be creative and weave a narrative that combines examples from the book, outside resources, and your own opinions/thoughts. I will gladly look at drafts of your final paper and provide feedback up to a week before the paper is due. I will not look at drafts the week the paper is due. Thus, get to work early and your grade will be greatly improved. The final project should be of publishable quality and I will grade it as such.