Student Performance—Supervisor Evaluation

Supervisor Evaluation for Service Learning (SPAN 494 Spanish through Service Learning/KU)

Name of volunteer:_______________________________________

Name of evaluator:_______________________________________

Dates under evaluation:____________________________________________

Thank you for you taking time to provide feedback about our student participant in SPAN 494 Spanish through Service Learning.  Please give frank feedback about the student volunteer’s service during the past two weeks using the following scale.  Any additional comments you wish to provide are welcome.

Scale:  5-excellent      4-very good      3-good            2-fair            1-poor            0-no basis to judge

Performance categories


Attendance and punctuality (min. of 2 hours each week)


Cooperation (ability to work within the established structure)


Engagement and participation in activities


Initiative (actively attempts to achieve goals, identify issues, utilize resources)


Responsiveness (accepts and learns from criticism)


Comments/suggestions (optional):




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