Trend Diet Analysis

Assignment and Presentation

Due Date: November 19th Worth 50 pts

In groups of 2-3, no more than 4

Diets to choose from: Atkins, Zone, Mediterranean, South Beach, Paleo, other (chosen by group)


Each group will choose a trending diet and complete a written and oral detailed analysis containing the following components:

-       Background (10 pts)

o   How and when did the diet/trend come about? Who created it? Why? Why would individuals be drawn to this type of diet?

-       Guidelines (10 pts)

o   If you were to describe this diet to a person, what would you tell them? What can and can't they eat/drink? What types of recommendations would you give?

-       Pros (5 pts)

o   What are some benefits associated with adapting this diet?

-       Cons (5 pts)

o   What are the risks associated with adapting this diet?

-       Challenges (10 pts)

o   What are some challenges that may come across when consuming this diet? If someone has food allergies (nuts, eggs, lactose, etc.), what types of limitations or modifications should they construct?

-       Sample Meals (10 pts)

o   Prepare a list of suggested foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks for 7 days. Include the total caloric content of each day and macronutrient composition of each day as calories and expressed as percentages (%CHO, %PRO, %FAT).

Each group member will prepare samples from the diet to share with the class. The food sample should conform to the dietary guidelines (or meal of choice!)

I plan to bring my award winning candy bar cheesecake


Order of presentations will be randomly selected.