Recipe Evaluation Assignment


1.     What is your recipe?


2.     How many servings does it make?


3.     Enter your recipe into each of the following diet tracker websites:


4.     Print (or PDF) the analysis report for both sites (attach).

5.     If you were to consume the entire recipe worth of food, how many calories would you consume?

myfitnesspal.com___________ supertracker.usda.gov____________

6.     Which would you think is more accurate?


7.     Describe any discrepancies among the two, if any:




8.     What do you think is causing these differences?



9.     Based on the guidelines and regulations in the book, what kinds of food claims can you make?


10.  List ingredients that can be modified or omitted, including amounts to change, in order to make this recipe healthier.





11.  If you were to package your food-item, complete a food label. Keep in mind that food labels represent one serving size. Also, remember to list the ingredients in order of highest content to lowest. (next page)