Grading Guidelines


Papers and Exams


 An A or A- paper or exam is one that is good enough to be read aloud in a class. It is clearly written and well organized. It demonstrates that the writer has conducted a close and critical reading of texts, grappled with the issues raised in the course, synthesized the readings, discussions, and lectures, and formulated a perceptive, compelling, independent argument. The argument shows intellectual originality and creativity, is sensitive to historical context, and is supported by a well-chosen variety of specific examples. An A or A- exam draws on primary and secondary readings along with lecture material. Note that you cannot earn an A without using primary sources.


 A B+ or B paper or exam demonstrates many aspects of A-level work but falls short of it in either the organization and clarity of its writing, the formulation and presentation of its argument, or the quality of research. Some papers or exams in this category are solid works containing flashes of insight into many of the issues raised in the course. Others give evidence of independent thought, but the argument is not presented clearly or convincingly.


 A B- paper or exam demonstrates a command of course or research material and understanding of historical context but provides a less than thorough defense of the writer's independent argument because of weaknesses in writing, argument, organization, or use of evidence.


 A C+, C, or C- paper or exam offers little more than a mere a summary of ideas and information covered in the course, is insensitive to historical context, does not respond to the assignment adequately, suffers from frequent factual errors, unclear writing, poor organization, or inadequate primary research, or presents some combination of these problems.


 Whereas the grading standards for written work between A and C- are concerned with the presentation of argument and evidence, a paper or exam that belongs to the D or F categories demonstrates inadequate command of course material.


 A D paper or exam demonstrates serious deficiencies or severe flaws in the student's command of course or research material.


 An F paper or exam demonstrates no competence in the course or research materials. It indicates a student's neglect or lack of effort in the course.


All papers must cite sources using footnotes in Chicago Manual of Style format. Students who fail to cite accurately will suffer in their grade.