Final Project and Presentation Grading Rubric

HIST 319


Requirements (potential points)                                                 Points (total 100)

Project is presented in electronic/digital format (10)

  • Sent to instructor on time and in appropriate format
  • Presented to classmates in legible format


Project is presented within the 7-minute timeframe (10)


Topic addresses issues discussed in class (20)

  • Feminism, Woman's Suffrage, Superheroes/villains, Female Utopia, Medicine, Asian American Communities, Domestic Service, Civil Rights, Working-Class Labor, Creativity, Modern Families, Sexuality


Source Requirements (20)

  • 7 credible primary sources that have not been assigned in class
  • 2 secondary scholarly sources that have not been assigned in class
  • Additional material may include sources assigned in class


Scholarly Question (10)

  • Student articulates scholarly question that project is investigating and then attempts to answer the question using sources


Source Analysis (20)

  • Student uses sources to present an argument
  • Project has a specific goal
  • Student presents sources acknowledging points of view presented in sources


Questions (5)

  • Student responds to classmates' questions using appropriate references to sources


Overall Presentation and Pacing (5)

  • Student presents in a clear, organized fashion
  • Student is prepared and knowledgeable about subject presented
  • Student has clearly practiced giving an oral presentation