You will be conducting research to inform your final project using primary sources of cultural production from Latin America or Spain as the basis of your investigation. Our hope is that you view this project as an opportunity for in-depth exploration of an aspect of Spanish-speaking cultures that is of particular interest to you. As you complete the last half of the Acceso project, think back on the topics that we have explored:


Were there any issues, events or topics that you found especially intriguing and would like to investigate in greater depth? Did you make a special connection with any of the activities regions we considered?


You may focus on a topic already explored in SPAN 212 or SPAN 216 or you may investigate content that we have not specifically addressed in class. You MUST, however, select from one of the Primary Source Options. Also, please rely on your instructor—he or she is your greatest resource and sincerely wants to help you! As you will see, each of the topics requires you to evaluate your chosen primary sources before moving on to subsequent stages of the project.


The project is not intended to be a book or history report; rather its purpose is to allow you conduct meaningful investigation in order to inform your own opinion about an issue that you will support by making use of textual evidence in the form of a brief research paper.